Headphones On, World Out: Romeo and Juliet

I’m trying out a new thing this week: Music Recommendations.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the past this week, and  my thoughts have lingered on how I first began to write my novel back in May. My writing soundtrack stayed the same for almost a month until I inevitably got fed-up with those songs. However, one song I find myself listening to over and over is First Kiss from the 2013 Romeo and Juliet film. I’ve heard the film itself is awful, but the soundtrack is so beautiful to write to; it is evocative enough to provoke inspiration but not attention-grabbing enough that it distracts me when I am in the flow of writing.

I really do recommend you listen to the entire soundtrack by Abel Korzeniowski because it truly is beautiful and highly, highly helpful for writers like me who struggle to find the perfect music to both inspire and encourage them.

– Rhan