The Duchess

I recently watched the 2008 film The Duchess, because I am in love with all things that are both history-related and aesthetically pleasing.

There is something about the glamour that inspires me in everyday life, perhaps to inject a feather in my hair, or more blush upon my cheeks. I did not know much about Georgiana, although of course I’d heard of her. Like most historical movies, The Duchess gives its way over to pure unadulterated romanticism of the events that happened in Georgiana’s life, using a rose-tinted brush to gloss over the truth of the strange ménage à trois that existed between the Duke of Devonshire, Lady Elizabeth Foster and Georgiana until her death.

However, it does show a heartrendingly beautiful Georgiana, portrayed by the amazing lovely Keira Knightley. She brings a vivacity to each scene she is in, alongside an exquisite sadness to moments such as when she is reunited with her children and when she sees her husband playing with Elizabeth’s children.

Overall, I really liked the movie, and thought it was extremely compelling. One of the prettiest films I’ve ever seen, and for me, that is always a plus!

– Rhan