Spotlight: Harry Potter

For the last few days I’ve been swept up in Harry Potter world once more with the release of Cursed Child (the good and the bad reviews). Because of this,  I thought I would do a post on one of my favourite literary characters of all time: Harry James Potter!

Now of course I’m focusing on Harry from the books and not from the movies and definitely not the play (I have heard what sound like some very legitimate grievances about Harry’s characterisation, although I won’t fully judge until I’ve read the play myself.)

I love Harry because he, for all intents and purposes, is not afraid to stand up for himself. This later develops into a protection that involves defending his friends from the rest of the world too (for example; the scene where he angrily defends Luna and Neville against Romilda in Goblet of Fire) I love the fact he is bold and hot-headed (which, by the way, is completely justified considering his life circumstances by Order of the Phoenix – which is my favourite book of the series!)

I love Harry because he can be foolish and spontaneous and makes so many mistakes but he has so much love to give out, even though for the first eleven years of his life he received hardly any. I love him because he is honest and frustrated and normal, not at all like the heroes of many YA novels today who appear to have no flaws other than their own hubris. Harry loves so much and willingly risks his life several times for others, not to mention his deep mourning and distress over Cedric Diggory, which brings me on to the fact that Harry has been through so much in his life but he empathises so much with everybody and would probably never, ever wish the same on anybody else (like when he shortly informs Dumbledore about how people don’t like being locked up in regards to Sirius.)

In conclusion: I love Harry James Potter for everything that he is, and you should too.

– Rhan