What-I-Read Wednesday: Rebecca

While I was suffering many, many train delays upon my trip to Oxford last Sunday, I managed to start and finish the entirety of Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier during this time! Therefore, I thought I would do a review for this weeks ‘What I’m Reading Wednesday’!

*** – I gave this book three stars because, for the most part, it was engaging. I wasn’t sure about the writing style at the beginning but it certainly kept me hooked about midway through the book and became a real page-turner, just as my train should have been racing towards Oxford.

A major thing that annoyed me about the book was never finding out the narrator’s first name, because I am a person who loves to know details about a character, especially when they’re the narrator! However, I understand that Du Maurier probably left the narrator nameless in order to add to the sense of mystery and confusion as events unfold at Manderly.

As for Manderly itself, I thought the mystery of Rebecca was definitely a gripping tale, although the narrator’s constant reference to her youth and her general ‘wet-blanketness’ for want of a better term did begin to annoy me, even before she got to Manderly. Although, of course, this could be down to the narrator’s anxiety, which I did find myself sympathising with, particularly when the narrator was faced with the bitter and twisted Mrs. Danvers.

Overall, I did enjoy the book and I am glad I read it. If it were not for the non-existent backbone of the narrator, the (in my opinion) rather slow beginning and perhaps underdeveloped characters, I would have probably given it a higher rating.

– Rhan


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